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Río callado (Silent river)

Sound installation

Prototype version
3D design and renders: Juan León Sarmiento

hydrophones - transducer - diy amplifiers - 3d printing - PETG - cables - water 

Installation, listening and mediation system, consisting of a series of translucent and hollow pieces that are distributed and connected, through hanging cables, to a central piece of the same material characteristics.

The distributed pieces, filled with water, “collect and auscultate” the sound of the ambient or background noise. For this, each of them contains an hydrophone that captures the energy of the acoustic vibrations of the environment and transduces them (converts-transforms) into electrical energy.
This new form of energy runs through the cables until it reaches the central piece, where the electricity is analogically retransducted into vibrations.

The public can place a hand on the central piece of the installation in order to listen with their touch what the silent river is bringing.

Background noises, everyday and monotonous, obstinate, demand with their absent presence, the de-habituation of the sleeping bodies.


This work is an intervention on our own ways of listening. A listening that it builds itself with and from the surroundings.

How do we listen to our environment when it is silent? How do we deal with the impossible stillness of silence? Do we perceive vibrations that are outside our sensitive range? Are these fixed ranges?

This is proposed as a speculative and embodied re-training on listening.

Water as mediation

As if it were the crystallization process of a precious mineral, the sound is trapped, mediated and filtered by the water, and then it is decanted, weighted and exposed.
Capturing the sound interfered by the water as a sieving operation, refining the grain, in search of new senses and meanings.
Sifting to refine perception, pulling out what emerges to be observed and analyzed.

Speculations on acoustics in water

In water, the air acoustic paradigm is diluted.
In the water, the reverberations that emerge from its undulations are imposing new and different relationships between things: sounds lengthen and remain, voices hollow out and lose their body, their weight, their mass, dissolving and becoming part of the environment.
In water, intelligibility is an impossible matter ... I wonder if the words are diluting too ...

Is listening through water a memory? Perhaps a discovery?

Prototype exhibited at Factors 4.0 - Festival of Art, Science and Technology of RS for BIENALSUR - Federal University of Santa María - UFSM - Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil - August 30 to September 3, 2017

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