Paula Guersenzvaig
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exploraciones artísticas 
para una escucha encarnada

Masa sonora 
Sound installation 

This project was developed in collaboration with Jaime Rodriguez

:: DC motors, sensors, microcontrollers, diy electronics, zinc plates, various materials.

Through noise and non-visible processes, each panel exhibits its expressive potential.

It is the expression of three modes or conditions of existence.

At one extreme is the force of the initial attack, a repetitive and compulsive blow; at the other, a present and apparent ending, the breath of silence that subtly exhibits a trace. In the middle, a drive for transformation.
Noise is here to overcome containment and expose mediation: the texture of noise. Its existence will depend on the presence of the body and its active listening.

FASE Encuentro de Arte, Ciencia y Tecnología - 6ta edición
Centro Cultural Recoleta

Buenos Aires, 2014

Mecánicas de pensamiento
Museo Castagnino de Rosario
Santa Fe, 2015

FASE Encuentro de Arte, Ciencia y Tecnología - 7ma edición
Planetario Galileo Galilei 

Buenos Aires, 2014

Some materials inside the panels