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Espacio404 is an open and experimental production and research platform for the study and circulation of practices in the field of Tech Art (electronic art, media art, art and science, sound art). Understanding that practices within this diffuse and intricate field foster practice-based modes of research and transdisciplinary approaches.

Through practice-based research, artistic research and experimental pedagogy, this space/project/platform fosters the confluence of people from all backgrounds - artists and non-artists - to produce artistic experiences, knowledge and exchange of learning.

Espacio404 also conceives and develop cultural activities, design, production and realisation of exhibitions, artwork for third parties, and gives support for Art projects.

Members: Paula Guersenzvaig and Sebastián Pasquel 

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Information about some major projects
>> Exposición Esperiencia Sonora
>> Ciclo Osmosis - Experiencias Tecnopoéticas